An explosive, powerful high gain sound is a mark for heavy metal player, No Weapon is heavier and more powerful than [U-235]! Put this weapon in your music and pedal board, not wars! [U] is a superior quality overdrive and Germany style distortion pedal, Fat, massive and powerful, if metal is your live, [U] pedal is for you!

Key feature:

1. Three pedals in a box! a main drive channel plus pre-boost and post-boost function(crank mode)

2. An unique, Extensive EQ control make your tone cut through the mix in your way easily.

3. Cranked mode beefs up the tone, just like you crank a non-master vol. Amp.

4. Use Higher voltage to tighten up the tone(9~18v)

5.3-way switch (Focus/open/tigh) function gives different  attack and response.

6. Multi amplifier stage produces richer and fuller harmony.

7. Matched and selected high quality components